Support the #BanGMO’s Movement in your area by Attending a Monsanto Tribunal peoples’ Assembly

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SOUTH AFRICANS RISE IN SUPPORT of the Monsanto Tribunal – crimes against humanity, human rights violations and ecocide

Genetically Modified foods (GMO’s) cause allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems , premature growth stimulation and hormone problems especially in babies and children, as Industry funded studies often use mature animals instead of the more sensitive young ones, in order to mask results. Read more about the effect of GMO’s on Children and babies here. GMO’s are also a major cause of Cancer, and unfortunately South Africa is the only country allowing genetically modified staples. This is a crime and needs to be addressed!

Over the Weekend of 14 – 16 October, South Africans will be joining their voices in a call against Agro chemical Giant Monsanto and others like them, in support of the international Tribunal in the Hague. Why should we be holding Peoples’ Assemblys like these? Read more here.

With organic markets, seed swaps, garden project initiatives, celebrating organic farmers, talks by doctors in the field, environmental lawyers, practicing permaculture implementers, environmental activists, parents, teachers, farmers, farm workers who have either been drastically affected, seen the effects of or who are working on the solutions to the problems which these Agro – chemical companies have caused in our country.

The following areas will be holding peoples assemblies as one voice for South Africans who are in want and need of drastic change in our environment, health and food system

Port Elizabeth
Mitchells Plain

Leading representatives of movements and associations, seed custodians, farmers and journalists from all over the world will be participating at the People’s Assembly. The aim of the Assembly is to shine the light on crimes against Nature and Humanity of Mega Chemical and Biotechnological Industrial corporations which through patents on seed have opened the doors to the invasion of GMOs. Based on the Ecocide and Genocide of the past century, the Assembly will lay out the necessary actions for a future based on the rights of small Farmers to save and exchange seed, on Food Sovereignty, on Agro- Ecology, the rights of consumers and workers in the sector, on the commons and a sharing economy, as well as on the rights of Nature and a true Earth Democracy.

Port Elizabeth Monsanto Tribunal Peoples' Assembly

The first ever Pesticide and GMO Free market will be held in Port Elizabeth at 44 Longway Avenue Lorraine from 12 am till 5pm, in celebration of our Organic Farmers – including: For more info check out the Facebook Events page .

Port Elizabeth will be having it's first Gmo & pesticide free Market Find out more #sablogtribe #journeywithmum Click To Tweet

  • fresh organic vegetables,
  • homemade GMO and pesticide free breads and treats,
  • healthy lunch,
  • organic seeds and seedlings,
  • indigenous plants,
  • a Permaculture demo,
  • Organic Coffee from Death by Coffee

The afternoon will be filled with talks in the venue which is private enough to relax and enjoy but still open onto the market for those wanting to drift in and out.

An excellent line up of speakers

12h15 – Rushka Johnson – Welcome – Who is Monsanto; what is ecocide, the tribunal and why should we care?

12.35 – Zim Keye – Food Sovereignty South Africa – What are the real problems?

12h50 – Andrew Mugford of Permaculture South Africa– Social Development of the Greater Community in Addo

13h20 – Emma Hay – Herbal Farmer not Big Pharma – Health and nutrition through plants

13h40 – Ricky Stone – The Fight against Transkei Glyphosate Spraying

14h10 – Ami Hawley – How to get involved in a People’s Movement

14h30 – Margo de Kooker – GMOs, Glyphosate and the looming medical crisis

15h10 – Alhyrian Laue – Life in the Soil – why we don’t need Monsanto

15h30 – Gram Jackson – Operation Hunger

15h45 – Tanya Swart – Organic Footprints

16h10 – Sue Hoffman – Bees, Blight and Pesticides

For the first time in history, ECOCIDE has been brought to light as a crime.  It is a significant mark in history and the more awareness that can be created regarding, the more hope we have for the future of our earth and people.

To find out more about the Monsanto Tribunal in South Africa, you can check this blog out, and for the Global website, click here, or Tweet Rushka.

Support the South African #BanGMO’s Movement in your area by Attending a Monsanto Tribunal peoples’ Assembly in your area. Will you be attending a Monsanto Tribunal Peoples’ Assembly in your area? Let me know in the comments below!

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