If you want to spoil a mom: My wishlist from Superbalist

If you want to spoil a mom or mom to be during this month👩🏻 :

6 simple accessories to spoil a mom in your life


Superbalist have asked me what my Wishlist from the Superbalist Online Shop ladies accessories would be this month. So of course …….being a mom who has lost my style way back when 🤣, I tend to just go for very practical accessories without lace and frills and chains and anything that doesn’t get dirty easily.

1. My first pick is this stylish Milla tote bag.

It’s a carry-all bag with a main and side compartment, two straps and a longer strap. It is faux leather so can easily be wiped off and is big enough to chuck a few nappies and the wipes when you are in a hurry! It comes in black, pink and natural.

superbalist wishlist milla medium tote bag
Milla Medium Tote Bag in Black


Superbalist Milla medium tote bag in Natural
Inside the Natural coloured Milla Medium Tote bag
Superbalist wishlist Milla Tote bag in Pink
Milla Tote Bag in Pink

2. My next would have to be this Twist – Detailed leather belt

This simple yet elegant leather belt with pretty twist detail on both sides is especially flattering for expectant moms to wear below the bust to accentuate the waistline and give the empire waistline look.

Superbalist beige twist detail leather belt
Beige Twist – detail leather belt
Superbalist leather twist detail belt
Leather belt with twist detail

3. Next is this practical Sports Watch

This simple and practical rubber watch with bold numbering. (I mean seriously the point of a watch is to be able to quickly and easily tell the time!) is available in salmon, powder blue and a variation with a smaller watch face which comes in white and cobalt blue. As it is a Sports watch it will most probably endure any possible bathtime splashes, throw up  and will not break easily.

superbalist womens sports watch
Women’s Sports Watch in Salmon
Superbalist womens sports watch in powder blue
Women’s Sports Watch in Powder Blue

4.These oh-so-pretty Aviator metallic mirrored sunglasses!

I just adore 😍 these classic metallic framed Sunglasses 😎 with pretty pink mirrored lenses. They are simple and elegant and much more attractive than some of the weird shapes that are trending at the moment! They are available in gold and blue as well.

Superbalist Aviator Metallic Mirrored Sunglasses in PInk
Aviator Metallic Mirrored Sunglasses in Pink
Superbalist Aviator Metallic Mirrored Sunglasses
Pretty pink tinted mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

5. Probably my most favourite on this list: these exquisite Filigree rings!!

When we have babies and kids we tend not to wear much jewellery especially not earrings, necklaces or anything that can be yanked and can be a cause of death 🤭 lol also many expecting moms experience swollen fingers so they do not fit into their rings. This stunning dainty ring set is an easy way to spruce up any outfit, they are open-ended and light, so will not get stuck on your fingers, or make your fingers feel like they are suffocating! And they are a steal at just ZAR 89!! 🤗 🤩

Superbalist Filigree ring set
Stunning Gold tinted 3 pack Filigree ring set
Superbalist 3 pack filigree ring set
Stunning and Dainty 3 pack of Filigree Rings 💕

6. Lastly this Cool Water Eu de Toilette Gift Set

Perfume and toiletries are always a good spoil for moms. It is just the best feeling to have a 2 minute shower and freshen up while the kids tear down the house. Just kidding! 🤣

One of my all-time favourite fragrances which I will never get tired of is the fresh, aquatic-inspired, yet fruity scent of Cool Water For Her by Davidoff. “…this fragrance features opening notes of citrus🍋, honeydew melon🍈, quince, pineapple🍍 , lotus and lily. At the heart is may rose🌹 , jasmine and muguet (lily of the valley), while the base uses musk, vanilla, peach🍑 , sandalwood, orris (derived from the roots of irises) and vetiver (a pernnial grass native to India) to complete the profile.” YUM!

Superbalist womens fragrance Cool Water EDT gift set
Cool Water by Davidoff Eu de Toilette Gift Set FOR HER

Have you bought from Superbalist before? If you haven’t, now is a good time to sign up because they are giving all new buyers a R250 off their spend of R600 or more!

Superbalist now offers the choice of same – day, next day and weekend delivery, free delivery and returns, and have a cool app available for Android and iOS, so that you can shop for your favourite items on the go!

Which of the items on my Wishlist did you like? What is on your Superbalist Wishlist? Let me know in the comments below! And sharing is caring, please be sure to share this list with any of your mom friends who would find these items useful!

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