Homeopathy during pregnancy, labour and birth: Pegasus launches a new kit

Pegasus Homeopathics launches Maternity Kit

I had the pleasure of attending my second Babytalk Roadshow (read about my first Roadshow here) where childbirth professionals come together to learn and network.

One of the stands I was very excited to check out was the Pegasus Stand. Pegasus Homeopathics was founded by Ian Wheeler 2002 to answer the need for an easy – to – use, compact kit to treat his clients’ illnesses holictically and naturally and was safe.

I an Wheeler has been a practicing pharmacist for over 30 years, before studying homeopathy and starting Pegasus Homeopathics.

Ian Wheeler explaining about the Pegasus Homeopathics Maternity/Labour kit to us at the Babytalk Roadshow

Anyone who knows me well, would know that I am absolutely passionate about holistic remedies that heal the body from the inside, treating the root cause and not JUST the symptoms. Throughout all my births, I have successfully used homeopathic remedies to get through painful engorged breasts, excruciating day-after-labour-pain, episiotomy wound care and lower back pain and to assist with moods and depression.

And here we have Ian who has cleverly put together this amazing Homepathic Maternity and labour kit to answer this great need.

Did you know:

  • That you cannot overdose on homeopathic remedies? Each dose acts as a message for your body to heal.
  • That Homeopathic remedies are safe to use WITH allopathic medications. It complements the antibiotics or medicinal drugs you may already be taking
  • Pegasus Maternity & Labour Homeopathy kit is safe to use in pregnancy, breastfeeding and for newborn babies, contrary to herbal remedies and drugs. The remedies are very diluted.

So let’s go into some detail about this kit:

It contains 8 remedies and an oil to use topically to fascilitate a healthy pregnancy, easy labour, and smooth recovery post – partum in both caesarian delivery and vaginal delivery. It supports the body during back pain, for a breech baby, recuperation, milk production, morning sickness, postpartum depression, mastitis and stretch marks.

The Remedies:

VMT (Vertigo, Morning Sickness & Travel Sickness) –Aid with nausea and morning sickness generally encountered in the first trimester

The Pregnancy Remedy – Aids in induction, dystocia, discoordinated contractions and helps to engage breech babies

The Birthing Remedy – Taken in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy and during labour

The Postnatal Remedy – aid with emotional issues, bruising, bleeding, swelling & inflammation, post caesarian and episiotomy wounds

The Postnatal Blues Remedy – used together with The Birthing Remedy for emotional labour and excellent for Post Partum stress, anxiety and depression

Haematonic – Is a blood tonic which assists a number of organs, the nervous system and general metabolism. Excellent for recuperation.

Lactation – A remedy which aids in milk production and quality for breastfeeding mothers

Mastitis – helps in pain, inflammation & nipple discomfort associated with engorgement

The Renewal Oil – A tissue oil combining Arnica, Calendula, Lavender & Rosemary for topical application to the perineum pre and post birth. Prevents scarring post surgery and useful for stretch marks by promoting skin elasticity.

Read more about how different homeopathic remedies are used in maternity care here

If you are interested in ordering a kit, contact hello@zaahidajoel.com

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