The EC Bloggers Meetup 2018 Port Elizabeth

The ECMeetup 2018 in Port Elizabeth

The EC Meetup is a Networking Event for Bloggers and Influencers in the Eastern Cape. The 5th one was held in Port Elizabeth on the 2nd June 2018 at The Fairview Racecourse. 

The ECMeetup was founded by Luchae Williams of My Spreadsheet Brain and Eleanor Douglas Meyers of Just Ella Bella, as a sister event to those in Cape Town, Durban and Jo’burg. Luchae says it is “to provide an opportunity for bloggers to learn from industry experts and bridge the gap between brand and blogger”.


The EC Meetup in Port Elizabeth 2018
Jenine Marneval from @thefatfairy and myself from @journeywithmum Photo Credit: Odette Johaar

I remember 2 years ago when I first toyed with the idea of Blogging. I came across a post advertising a Blogger Meetup in Cape Town. I was ready to pack my bags and fly to Cape Town so that I could learn from and meet some South African Bloggers for the first time in real life! Little did I know I was soon to hear about the first Blogger Meetup, the #ECMEETUP 2016 that was to happen in my very own little hometown, Port Elizabeth! An event which was a turning point for me and my chance to meet many other local bloggers and my little circle of loving and motivating Blogging Buddies who I still Whatsapp at any time of day or night when we need to brainstorm, chat or vent 💓

The ECMeetup 2018 Port Elizabeth
All the spoils in our EC meetup Goody bag
EC meetup Port Elizabeth
Nutristart Oats in a Cup

The EC meetup 2018 Port ElizabethMy girls playing around taking photos of their yummy Apple & Cinnamon breakfast and trying their hands at a Youtube video 

Mastoora “Mayri, what are you eating? ” Humayraa: “Nutristart oats in a cup”. Mastoora: “What flavour is it?” Humayraa: “Green apple and cinnamon.”  Unfortunately, the wind wasn’t on our side so we couldn’t hear anything after recording the video – better luck next time  I hope.

MyPrince, Siddeeq over here enjoying his peanut butter flavour Nutristart Oats in a Cup 

EC Meetup Port Elizabeth 2018
One of Our prizes: A free Horse Riding lesson @ Ballynafagh Farm
EC Meetup Port Elizabeth 2018 for Bloggers and Influencers
Products we received in the Goody bag sponsored by Annique, Clarens, Woolworths Walmer Park, Essence Cosmetics, Oh So heavenly, Catrice Cosmetics and Enjoy bath and Body
Ec meetup 2018 Port Ellizabeth
Humayraa having fun with the Oh So Heavenly gentle Goodness Emollient Cream for Babies and Children
KFC spoiled us with headphones and a cooling Sports Towel

EC meetup Port Elizabeth 2018

For a full list of all the sponsors and brands who attended the Ec Meetup, check out this post.

I chatted with Odette Johaar about her experience of the EC Meetup:

Odette Johaar at the ECMeetup 2018 in Port Elizabeth
Odette Johaar

What are your thoughts about the ECMeetup?

Larger cities such as Cape Town and Joburg always get these cool events, so its great that PE (and the broader Eastern Cape) gets to have its own. I think its an amazing opportunity for people in the online community, be it vloggers, bloggers or Instagrammers, to connect and meet with one another and build relationships. I have met many brands and great people thanks to the ECMeetup.

How many Meetups have you been to?

I am yet to miss a meetup. I’ve been to every single #ECMEeetup

How has attending the ECMeetup changed blogging and life for you in general?

It’s changed both. I even wrote about the 2017 #ECMeetup and the lessons that I learned. A lesson that stood out for me was when branding expert Mandy-Lee Miller mentioned in her talk that people read blogs for the blogger’s experience and personality, and not because you’re a celebrity.

What was one tip that you learned from the last meetup you attended that stood out for you?

That affiliate marketing actually works in South Africa. In the FB blogger groups, I’m in, a few people kept saying that affiliate marketing doesn’t work and the country doesn’t have the market/penetration for affiliate marketing. Well either those folks haven’t been doing it properly or don’t want to share a piece of the pie.

What is one invaluable piece of advice that you would give to aspiring bloggers and influencers?

Just do it. Make the jump and start your blog, youtube channel or Instagram. There’s a spot for everyone and everyone blogs for different reasons. There’s n such thing as a perfect blog. Also, there’s a lot of information on the Internet about blogging/influencer marketing and you won’t learn it all overnight. It takes time to learn without having any prior education or experience but its possible, just ask anyone who’s been blogging for a few years. I’ve been at this game on and off for 7 years, and 90% I know about blogging I learned as I went along. And if you don’t have the time to learn all the tricks, be prepared to get a professional to help you or enroll in a course.

To meet the rest of the EC Bloggers check out this post.

We were fortunate to have Megan Kelly of By Megan Kelly talk to us about Pitching your Blog to Brands on Campaigns, and to have Lyle Scritten and Kirsten Litsen hop on a Flight to Port Elizabeth all the way from Cape Town, to chat to us. Lyle gave us some tips on Blogging and Influencer Marketing from his experience of ten years in the game. The day was a great reminder to many of us about why we started blogging in the first place and we left feeling inspired and awaked with new ideas and motivation for the journey ahead!

Ec meetup 2018
Myself, Lyle Scritten @VersatileLyle, Digital PR Strategist – Travelstart, Chantal Bezuidenhout, Social Media Coach & Strategist – Social Media Shakeup, Kirsten Litsen, Partnership Manager – Travelstart Photo Credit: Octayvia Nance, Sub – Editor – Times Media

If you would like to come visit and explore the beautiful Nelson Mandela Bay, be sure to check out Travelstart’s awesome deals for some cheap flights to Port Elizabeth soon!! If you are planning to travel with kids you might like this post of mine which rounds up 10 Tips for travelling with kids.

There were some amazing prizes up for grabs, 2  of which I won. 1 of which I hoped to win, but didn’t lol – a flight for two to any destination in South Africa. 😥😥

EC meetup 2018 in Port ELizabeth
Lyle and Kirsten on their way back to Cape Town checking out the competition entries.  My competition tweet featured above – the flight for 2 which I sadly didn’t win : ( lol @kirstenlitsen

If you are an aspiring blogger and would like to join us for the next #ECMEETUP, you can like this page to stay informed and join us for the next one

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Peace, Zaahida

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