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If you are a Doula, a Homebirth Midwife, a Pelvic Health Expert, Fertility Expert, a Pregnancy Fitness professional, a Birth Rights Activist, a Gynaecologist or Obstetrician, a confidence or business coach for moms, do you specialise in PMADS (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder), or help moms with Post Partum Nutrition, weight loss & Thyroid Disorders, or support moms with special needs kids, and you run a part of your business Online?

I know you are so passionate about helping and supporting, helping drains your energy, you are feeling run down, having sleepless nights and you are overwhelmed with the countless items on your digital to-do list. I totally get you, I am a mom boss myself in the helping profession too.

If you would like a hand with some of your Digital and Tech tasks but you are not ready to permanently expand your team, I can help! I will take all your Tech tasks off your hands so that you can focus on caring for yourself first, then supporting your clients and generating an income so that you can live a happy and fulfilled life with your family.

I care so deeply about you and I care about your families and I strongly believe that a nurtured mother raises a much stronger community than one who has to struggle emotionally, or physically alone. You deserve to give yourself some time off to care for yourself and your family and completely hand over all the tech stuff!

I specialise in WordPress Website Maintenance & Updates, Blog setup, Maintenance & Marketing, Content Repurposing, E – Product/Course Creation, setup and Maintenance in Course and Membership platforms. I offer monthly retainer packages and project rates.

Find out more at: [Under Construction] and

I would love to chat with more women in these professions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me: or fill in this contact form.


I have known Zaahida for over 8 months now and in this time we have worked on various projects together including marketing and business administration for an online organisation supporting entrepreneurs; most recently she has assisted me as a virtual assistant in my business.
Zaahida’s personality is organised and resourceful, underpinned by an enthusiasm for new ideas and support for entrepreneurs. Her love of all things tech and dedication to helping professional women grow their own businesses, are wonderful attributes to have in a virtual assistant’s role.
I rely on Zaahida to draw up my contracts, manage my website and to research various options when making decisions to grow or improve my business. I value her opinion in terms of input into my business strategy and her ability to hold me accountable for many of my decisions.
I will gladly speak to prospective clients and vouch for her work ethic.

It was a lovely, seamless process of working with Zaahida. She did a great job of prepping the blog post, and her online activity after the publishing of the post was most impressive. Zaahida has a very clear understanding of what it takes to get the most reach out of online content and most importantly, she executes on it. You’d be making a really great business decision by asking Zaahida to help you take your online content to the next level.