About Journey with Mum

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Welcome to Journey with Mum, Parenting and Lifestyle Blog:

A meeting place and information Hub where mums can educate, empower and support each other in raising naturally happy, healthy and whole families.

Here we are all about:

  • Making life easier for new moms to navigate her way through the different stages in the Journey of Motherhood; from pregnancy, to birth, baby and beyond.
  • Promoting and encouraging natural birth and breastfeeding.
  • Reminding the expectant mum and the frazzled mother of toddlers that she is still naturally beautiful and sexy and that she deserves to look after herself.
  • Celebrating the beauty of motherhood and nurturing the relationship between mother and child.
  • Practicing and encouraging mindful and natural parenting, and child-led learning.
  • Making a house a home and raising a modest family.
  • Reminding the run-down, tired, depressed mom that she is not the only one going through chaotic times by making her laugh about the crazy sh*t that other moms go through too!!!
  • Supporting small businesses, artisans, fair-trade, promoting handmade products especially made by mums and work-at-home mums.
  • Promoting chemical free, GMO free food.
  • Real food, natural  products, natural remedies.
  • Reducing our ecological footprint and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

My Vision:

This blog is a combination of my multiple passions and my love for helping people. I want to create an informative gathering place on the internet, free of judgement, and rather, full of support and networking from other moms.  A destination and resource for all things womanly, motherly and to do with babies. . A parenting community, one stop destination.

  • A place where women can write, teach, empower, educate each other to look after themselves and raise their families in the best, most natural and wholesome/holistic way.
  • A place where nervous and confused moms can easily come for advice
  • A meeting place for mindful mums
  • A place to share stories of encouragement and upliftment for other mums
  • A place to share tips on how to start working from home
  • It is said that a woman rocks a baby in one hand, and mankind in the other. It is for this reason that I feel so strongly that women should be nurtured, treated well, and encouraged to look after her family in the best way, because solid healthy families amount to solid, healthy communities.

If you think like me and you want to chat or with me or work with me. Please get in touch using this contact form  , email me at info@journeywithmum.com or mail me at PO Box 63942, Greenacres, 6057. I love meeting new people!!

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xoxo Zaahida